HRO Solutions

Recruitment Services Offered by Seminant Solutions

Global Recruitment support: Seminant introduces candidates to The Client on the understanding of Manpower requirement sent by The Client for Contract to Hire, Permanent Positions, Executive search, Head Hunting and Campus Drives. Recruitment Services Offered by Seminant Solutions:

  • Permanent employees

  • Contract to Hire (C2H)

  • Conduct Campus Drives.

  • Executive Search

  • Head Hunting

Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market.

Objective-C Developers

We coordinate existing Objective-C code with easier, progressively flexible Swift code, utilizing We incorporate existing Objective-C code with less difficult, increasingly adaptable Swift code, utilizing Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch structures so as to enable us to manufacture iOS and macOS applications during IT enlargements.

Scala Developers

We coordinate existing Objective-C code with easier, increasingly adaptable Swift code, utilizing Apple’s We use Scala programming language to create prescient “psychological” information reaction (man-made reasoning (AI) and AI) programming arrangement. Scala is interoperable with Javascript, Apache Spark and SQL-like databases.

C++ Developers

Complex operating systems and high-performance applications (including mobile and console games with engaging graphics) demand experienced on-demand C++ programmers who know how to leverage the language’s scalability.

HTML5 Developer

Strong HTML5 programming structures the reason for all our site and web application manufactures. We use it to include adaptable pictures, media questioning usefulness, sight and sound modules, and other powerful highlights for IT expansion.

PHP Developers

We consolidate PHP server-side scripting with tighty-composed HTML5 to make ground-breaking web applications, content administration frameworks, compact APIs and dynamic sites with far reaching database capacities.

Swift Developers

Our IT expansion Swift software engineers are specialists in making custom iOS and macOS applications with quickened advancement capacities, improved code grammar, forward-similarity, and consistent relocation abilities for Objective-C code.

Golang Developers

We use Google’s open-source programming language, GO, to create cloud-based, framework level programming arrangements. Golang is utilized in enormous scale innovation activities, for example, server the executives.

embedded c developers

Our middleware and embedded software services are made possible by our programmers’ deep understanding of C language extensions. Our On-demand development allow for features like basic I/O operations and fixed-point arithmetic.

XML Developers

We use XML and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create interoperable applications, information mapping apparatuses, pattern requirements, and report mechanization programs, and a large group of various web administrations.

SQL Developers

We plan database structures, improve questioning and information recovery capacities. Our IT enlargement groups improve robotized announcing programming utilizing open-source stages like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Python Developers

Python advancement can be utilized for pretty much anything, however we like to use its capacity to grow superior huge information applications with complex figuring abilities, for example, information investigation and computerized measurable capacities.

.NET Develoeprs

We use Visual Basic alongside Microsoft’s .NET Framework Class Library (CFL). On-demand developers use Common Language Runtime (CLR) to program interoperable applications, embedded software, and operating systems.

Ruby On Rails Developers

Ruby and the RoR system are utilized for fast designing of profoundly versatile applications. Ideal for new companies needing quickened advancement and organizations hoping to scale up their product framework with on-request improvement.

C# Develoeprs

We use C# to create Microsoft software and Android apps with cross-platform functionality, as well as engaging games run on the Unity engine (including virtual and augmented reality experiences).

Java Developers

Java encourages us program dynamic Android applications, similar to versatile games, web based business applications and area based administrations. We additionally use Java to manufacture content-rich, endeavor grade sites and web administrations during IT growthes.

Perl Developers

We utilize this NASA-created language to program complex undertakings, for example, framework organization, web improvement, arrange reconciliations, and GUI advancement.

Paperless Onboarding Process:

Switch to our streamlined online process instead of dealing with piles of paperwork. Employees can now self-onboard themselves with minimum HR intervention makes onboarding easy

Integrated Document Management

Our Integrated document upload facility allows employees to upload educational certificates, ID proofs, etc. Uploaded documents automatically show up in Employee Documents post required approval.


We provide workflow for reviewing, validating and approving data entered by employees. Only verified and approved data is updated to the master employee records database.

Ensure New Hire Compliance

Measure your onboarding efforts through reports and have an accurate audit trail of information by new hire and HR.

Employee Helpdesk

Seminant provides multi-channel request management and self-service portal that gives HR teams the power to streamline operations for happy, engaged employees. Because companies with the highest employee engagement see more sales growth than average, 90% less staff turnover, and double the customer loyalty.  Seminant ticketing system is a software that collects all employee support requests from a wide range of sources and manages them in one location. Employee helpdesk is a system that acts as a shared inbox for all your employee queries and concerns.

Separation Management

Organizations lose employees, and need to off board them out of the company quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, majority of the organizations still handle Employee Resignation using manual processes, which are error prone, time consuming and resource consuming. Seminant offers automated exit management system which gives organizations a reliable, centralized platform that is used to process and store all resignation-related information, including reasons for resignation, dates of employment, issued ID cards and other equipment, and also work related data related to the resigning employee

Resignation Approval

The Resignation Approval will handle the resignation approval part. On initiating the exit process the employee will fill and submit the resignation form to the manager. Manager can also assign his duty to other manager or any other senior employee. If manager approves the resignation then manager confirms the LWD and notification will be given to the HR.

Checklist Generation & Clearance

The Clearance will handle the generation of checklists from departments and providing clearances of task completion online initiated by HR through the portal. The checklist will be generated from each department and will be given to the employee. Then employee will complete the tasks given in the checklist and department head will give the clearance for this within specified timelines. Department heads will notify HR about the clearances.

Exit Interview

Employee will handle the Exit Interview related tasks and NDA signing if applicable. Post collecting clearances the employee will submit the Exit Interview and the feedback will be sent to the HR. HR then can check online the required details  and will allow the employee leave the organization and update the system accordingly which will now be stored into the master data.