Hospitality and Retail

Adapt to the latest and innovative trends of technology to serve your customers. To meet customers’ expectations retail shopping has to digitally transform for evolving as a strategically creative, geographically diverse, and technically advanced organization with excellence in operations. To manage and bridge consumer-retailer gap, match the digital preferences and expectations of customers, and improve customer centricity / experience, retailers need to have deeper understanding of customers’ preferences and expectations.

Therefore, this requires retailers to reimagine, reinvent, and rethink retail. Seminant has extensive experience in providing innovative, cost effective, and customized IT services and solutions to leading global retailers. Our IT offerings empower retailers to manage digital disruption and serve customers better by streamlining operations, enriching shopping experience, improving sales, increasing productivity, and revenue.

Seminant has been proving as the most innovative and Simple solutions to leading retailers across the globe. We enable retailers change their eco-system by providing automated solutions that streamline operations, improve sales, increase productivity, and revenue.

Solutions offered:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Online Stores
  • Contractor Management System
  • Automated Sales order system
  • Vendor Management System
  • Purchase Management system
  • Merchandising Management
  • Customer Management

Services offered:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Master Data Management
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Digital Mobilization and Management