With the extensively data-driven world, Governments across the globe are leveraging Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence to take their e-Governance initiatives to the next level and do more with less. Seminant provides end-to-end solutions and services that will help governments to renew and build new capabilities and meet the complex demands within the various sections of society, fulfill social mandates, transform operational efficiency, and revitalize the economy and society. The Digital Challenge The digital wave compels transformation of government services.

This is in addition to the traditional and contemporary challenges such as demand to do more despite shrinking resources, economic and political uncertainties, greater social security demands, environment concerns, and demand for greater efficiency, responsiveness, value, transparency, and citizen friendly governance. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence will help government departments and agencies effectively deal with all these challenges resulting in  Streamlined administrative efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency

• Accomplishing better governance

• Enabling wider collaboration with citizens

Better Government to Citizen (G2C) connectivity for delivering citizen. Our government services and solutions will enable governments provide the next level of citizen centric governance and serve citizens better with better planning, quick decision-making, greater transparency and accountability, and superior public service.Seminant’s services for Government and Public Sector organizations include ,

Solutions offered:

  • Electronic Grants Administration and Management system
  • APS on the cloud
  • Document Management
  • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Medical Management system
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Digitization Solutions

Services offered:

  • Application services
  • Data management and Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource planning
  • Business Process outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Digital Mobility