The pillar of digital transformation is the ability to automate routine tasks so you can focus on higher-value business needs and customer relationships. Whether your operations are large or small our team can help you identify areas where RPA can eliminate errors, reduce additional efforts and improve customer satisfaction.

Every company completes most of basic, time-consuming tasks manually that often don’t require a lot of independent decision-making. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software “robots” can automate front and back office processes, enabling you to get tasks done faster and with fewer errors—without needing to replace or update the existing systems used currently.

Customized Solutions

While handling customer inquiries, most agents often waste valuable time searching for the right information across systems and applications.

Seminant provides personalized custom solutions that can help. Our solutions use RPA to provide a complete overview of the customers on a single platform reducing effort, handle times, customer escalations and agent errors resulting in an improvised Customer satisfaction.

Digital Customer Experience

Our Digital Customer experience solution helps identify valuable conversations in social media to understand what your customers are saying and choosing. We analyze the factors that impact your brand.

We engage with the customers round the clock in real time across time zones. We provide end-to-end monitoring and alerts, social media strategy, engagement and reach, social lead generation, analytics and integrated customer care leaving an enhanced and convenient Digital experience.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Client engagement bridges the gap between your customer and brand. Our highly engaged client engagement team assist to promote more and demonstrate more loyalty, providing a high-quality customer experience which is an important component in your customer engagement strategy.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Secure existing revenues with integrated campaigns for revival calling and customer satisfaction surveys including design, delivery, and analysis. Use our loyalty card programs for processing and administration of lifecycle coupons, invoice messaging, appointment scheduling and reminders, subscription renewals events and POS communications. With our specialized programs covering lease and financing expiry, product recall and repurchase, our Client engagement team handles the tough situations enhancing the client experience so you truly focus your efforts on delivery.

Our engagement managers nurture renewal opportunities to drive repeat revenue from your customer relationships. Our Cloud-based solutions automates each stage of the process such as quotations, vendor and distribution management, insightful analytics providing renewals performance and forecasting.

Our Engagement managers ensure while you stay Connected with your Customers we focus on Connecting with customers while staying connected.