About the Company


 We represent a team of leaders with global exposure and rich expertise in various functions like Marketing, Human Resource, Sales, Information Technology and Client Engagement. Our team builds solutions under the guidance of such subject matter experts providing the most Acute and Customised solutions being a perfect fit for your business.  We at Seminant strive to SOW the seeds of long-term relationship with our clients foreseeing a vision of providing a memorable, valuable and enchanting experience during our journey.

Our Core Values and Ethics

At SEMINANT  we embrace  a set of deep-rooted core values which forms the foundation of all our business relationships. We strongly believe in our commitments and responsibilities towards our clients to nurture and make the engagement successful. Our success depends on the ability to manage business ethically, transparently, and responsibly without compromising on integrity and providing excellent business results.



Mr. James Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

40+ years experience in the global financial services industry having lived and worked in 6 countries, 9 cities and transacted business in another 20+ countries in his long and distinguished career. James has served, and still very much serves, as Chairman and/or Board Director of a large number of public and private companies in the USA, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. His experience covers capital markets financing, equity fundraising, cross-border mergers & acquisitions, project finance, real estate, precious metals, asset management (including alternative investments) and wealth advisory. He has particular experience in guiding start-up and emerging companies through to an exit, either trade sale or IPO. Currently based in the UK, James is the Chief Executive Officer of Seminant Solutions.  He is particularly interested in providing strategic and financial advice to companies that have a significant humanitarian, or benefit for mankind, aspect in their offering.  James has an extensive global senior executive level network in government, public entities, financial institutions and corporations around the world.

Mr. Donald Paton

Chief Marketing Officer

30 years of international sales, marketing, and business development experience in the fields of   IT Consulting, Digital Solutions, and Banking. Having worked across bordering countries, Germany and the UK, combining multi-cultural communication talent with extensive project management experience.

Mr. Chris Calder

Chief Information Office

Chris Calder Qualified accountant (CCA) and payroll/payee tax/ employer contribution and HR sector expert, fellow of the IOD, CEO of few International companies before establishing a well known and corporate management business in EU and becoming director and major shareholder in a boutique corporate finance consultancy, 30 year UK resident, member of the Yacht Club de Monaco since 1985 and represented his club in International events, this is a hobby very close to his heart. Expert in construction and development payroll in the UK.

Mr. David Wood

Director of Marketing

David Wood an experienced CEO of WorkSpace Commerce (WSC), a fast-growing commercial property developer and shared offices provider, headquartered in the UAE, he has a 18-year track record in leading successful companies, the APAC region’s wealthiest business leaders, holding senior management positions in many companies working closely with HR managers, before moving into commercial real estate projects and debt structuring, then in 2016, founding Inception Group UAE offering turn-key financial and management solutions for special projects worldwide – by 2015 he stepped back from leading his portfolio of companies to fully focus on WSC’s expansion plans, and managing the global workforce across its key markets including APAC, GCC and UK. A wealth of experience in staff training and HR.

Ms. Emma Watson

Vice President Human Resources


Ms. Emma Watson has worked for 22 years as a Recruitment manager and legal advisor in private sector, her another expertise equity/M&A, In April 2016 she helped to hire 1600 staff of multi-generational automobile company. She previously served as Director of HR services firm. She is a Counsel of firms. She also helped productivity and efficiency at the work place. She is passionate about HR services with 4,000 clients across the world.

Mr Mustafa Asim

Managing Director

As a Managing Director and CEO of Global group of companies Mustafa Asim leads the Global Trading  Investment Committee, Operating Committee, and Board of Directors. He is responsible for the strategic planning and growth of the company, and maintains oversight over all aspects of Global Group of companies, working closely with business leaders across the platform while emphasizing the Global Trading Pillars of Excellence: People, Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Profitability, Growth, and Community. Working with the public sector as well as the private sector in green energy payroll infrastructure holiday resorts housing complex and biomass projects. Successful Entrepreneur specializing in Finance, Construction, Brand development, and sales & marketing Mustafa has Amazing Insights into the development and progress of Seminant.

Mr Khalid Mahmood

Jakarta- Indonesia

Khalid Mahmood Jakarta- Indonesia, worked for seventeen years in Indonesia focusing on entrepreneurship development and strategic planning. Served for seventeen years in Indonesia, working closely with many state governments. He is very well connected and truly an expert in Southeast Asia He also worked in the office institutional building and economic affairs. Designed a global campaign with recycling and solid waste. For the past Ten and half years, Khalid is a managing partner in Maharani partners, a company based in Jakarta focusing on Private Public Partnerships, human developments, health, and wellness.